A selection of experiential, fascinating and interesting workshops for your institution

A winning Instagram page

Want to know how the experts build Instagram pages that bring them hundreds of thousands and millions of followers? Turns out there are very clear techniques for this!
In this workshop you will learn how to build a winning Instagram page

60 minutes

Hacker at the moment

Crazy workshop! In 3 hours we're going to turn you into hackers.
Come learn and experience cyber attacks, cracking passwords, hacking applications and finding vulnerabilities in networks and computer applications 

3 hours

Digital media management

Today every organization, business or network anchor needs to have a wide network presence and the ability to reach their audience in a variety of channels. In a digital media management workshop we will learn how to convey our message to an entire audience that is through the screens effectively and at no cost

3 hours

Working in a cloud environment

(No, not such a cloud ..)
The need for access to information from anywhere has turned local storage into a "pass". In this workshop we will learn how to work with Google's and Microsoft's cloud platforms in a professional way

3 hours

Superhero on screens

Interactive and fun lecture - adapted for schools!
On the wise use of the Internet, knowing the dangers of the Internet in computers and telephones and what we should be careful about as children. It is mandatory to bring phones to the lecture!

60 minutes

Super-tech for kids

Workshop Crazy for children!
Come program, build a game, create a virus and hold an award-winning high-tech tournament with cyber puzzles and more games

3 hours

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