This is no longer an activity for children. This is a memorable event

Minecraft Birthday

We found the memorable event that kids just love. Minecraft-Gaming Celebration!
At a festive and one-time event your children are going to enjoy as they have not enjoyed for a long time. Why?
Because we come and show them lots of new things in the arena that they know and love the most - and the enthusiasm accordingly 😉
We invite you to give your child an experiential and unforgettable event

The smile is on you.
Decor, refreshments, laptops, games, music, sessions, prizes, a photographer and all the celebration - is on us.

Duration of the event: 3 hours

Cyber ​​for children

The cyber course for children is designed to bring to life the promising talents who have shown interest in computers from an early age, and to provide them with a set of skills and competencies that will realize their potential. Designed for third-sixth grades

Course duration: 40 hours

Python programmer

The only course in Israel that combines both cyber studies and Python studies - at the same time. The course is adapted for those without a background in the field, but brings the trainees to a high level of professionalism in a short time, both in the field of hacking and in the field of code and programming.

Course duration: 64 hours

Digital professions

Software professions

Let's acquire a profession for the future

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