Online commerce course for youth

Building a drop-shipping shop online

The online commerce course from Shakhakim is the first course in the world (yes, in the world) that teaches teens in a simple way how to sell online.
Let's build a real, professional and designed sales site that generates a regular monthly income without any possession of inventory, employees or a physical store.

Course cost: NIS 5,400

To register for the course

At the end of the course you will have an active and designed sales site that includes products with photos, an order and delivery management system and the option of receiving payment in your store.

  • Basic / Medium English.
    If you want to sell to the whole world - you will need high-level honed English
  • Basic technical skills.
    No need to know how to program. But it does need a solid technical sense and a good knowledge of the computer environment
  • Personal interview with the course director.
    Why? To get to know you a little 🙂 and you too us
  • The course includes 40 sessions in total over a year
  • The meetings are held once a week
  • The length of each session is 90 minutes
  • On holidays and special occasions there are no meetings
  • The meetings take place Online On the ZOOM platform
  • All course sessions are recorded and will be available to you after the lesson
  • Ninth grade and up.
  • Girls and boys who are interested in entrepreneurship, business management, or who want to know how to generate a monthly income without leaving home
  • Home computer with internet connection and camera - Required
  • Personal PayPal account (please consult with us before opening)
  • Active Facebook account
  • Postcard credit card.
    Israel Post offers prepaid credit cards called Pre-Paid.
    Such a ticket costs 50 NIS. You need one for the course.
    No need to top up with a ticket!

The curriculum

Here is the course syllabus

We will get to know the world of online commerce in depth along with the opportunities inherent in it, how to hunt them, and even create a first sales test

We will learn to locate our products along with their profitability potential, conduct market research, and of course - locate the target audience that is willing to buy them

How to find a supplier? How do we bargain with them to get the best price without "burning" ourselves in the eyes of the supplier?
Finding quality suppliers is a very important skill, and dealing with a supplier is something you need to know how to do.
Whether it is Israeli suppliers, and especially if it is suppliers from abroad such as China.
The Chinese are a people who need to know how to communicate with, the rules of communication with them are completely different and it is important that we know how to do it right.

We need a place to sell, no?
Here we will learn how to set up an online store from A to Z for a variety of aspects.
This is a very technical module, in which we will purchase a very important set of skills that will allow you to set up a professional sales site in a short time.

In 2021, a variety of external tools and services are at your disposal that will make your life as a seller considerably easier.
We will learn about all the necessary "install and forget" style solutions that will propel our business forward and save us lots and lots of time. 

The "meat" of our store - the products. We will learn about how to import products into the store, how they are presented (you have to present them in a "familiar" way, don't you?) And how to make them accessible to potential buyers in our store

Beyond the products in your store, we also want to upholster it with beautiful, marketing content that catches the eye and makes the buyer feel like he has reached a professional place, investing in himself and his buyers. In this module we will go into the psychological head of the potential buyer and try to understand from his eyes, what he would like to see.

You also want to get paid for all your work, right?
Here we will assimilate in our store the ability to pay for the products, and along the way we will learn more and very important aspects related to making online payments.

Mazel Tov! You sold your first order! Now it needs to be realized.
How do you handle orders, how do you handle problematic orders (what happens if the customer entered an incorrect address and it is also impossible to get it?) And how do you make sure that the delivery arrives safely and without problems.

Instead of doing things ourselves all the time, we need to learn to delegate powers, and let professionals or employees do the work for us. That's the only way to grow.
In this module we will learn to work with platforms for connecting with Perry to saws like Fiverr, where we will find professionals who will do work for us for $ 5-10 and save us a lot of time.

It's time to spread the word - show the world what we sell.
In this module we will get to know the marketing platform we are going to work with, we will learn the basics of digital marketing and we will build an initial advertising strategy.
Please note - there are huge businesses, agencies and companies whose entire focus is on the content taught in this module.
The value of the knowledge you will acquire in this module can be measured in gold.

Remember that you are not the only one competing in the eyes of your buyers.
Your ads should be prominent, unique and actionable. Here we will build advertising properties and learn how to stand out above the competition in the eyes of buyers.

Finally! Going on the air with a first advertising campaign!
We will launch our first ad to the air and start seeing a lively traffic of surfers to our site.

How to promote a business on Google - for free. We will touch on an introduction to organic promotion, flowing awake buyer traffic to our site, and make it easy for users to find our business when they search for certain phrases in a Google search 

If you thought your sale ended after the customer bought - you were wrong.
The opposite is true - here it is just beginning. We will learn how to get the customer back for another purchase, and also for subsequent ones. 
In professional parlance this is called: "customer life cycle".

Sometimes you have to give the customer a little "push" to encourage him to buy.
Here we will learn how to present promotions and benefits to our customers, what kind of discounts they get, when the time Right Introduce them to one benefit or another, and how these assumptions should actually increase our profit rather than decrease it. 

We do not teach you to be an employee. We teach you to be a business owner.
In this module we will learn how to make 90% of the processes related to our business such as inventory management, order confirmation for customers, making returns and more automated and those that do not require human contact, so you can spend your time developing the business, not working in it.

The Israeli customer can be difficult at times. What happens if the product is not to his taste? Or is the delivery delayed? Or maybe he has full of questions?
Service is an integral part of your business, so we need to know how to give a professional and correct service. Here we will teach you the art of discourse with clients.
But more than that - we will teach you how to make your customer service, Prevent the strongest sales of your business.

Customer wants to return. Happens.
We will learn all the processes related to product return from customer to supplier.

We came to make a profit, didn't we? That is why it is very important that you know how to run your business financially. A business without financial management is a sure recipe for failure.
You will learn to manage and maintain sales reports, income against expenses, cash flow and how to calculate your gross, operating and net profit.
We will teach you how to analyze these reports and understand the true story they tell so you know where to improve your business

You need to understand that your business has another partner, quiet and one that does not do much - the state. 
We will understand what is at stake, who the three tax authorities are and how to deal with them. 
We would also like to understand what is the tax component of income derived from abroad and what is the difference between sales in Israel and sales abroad (particularly relevant for those of you who intend to sell abroad as well).
In this module we will also learn how to start a real business that is registered with the tax authorities as a child under the age of 18.

Course Summary, the lecturer will personally go over your project to make sure it is honed and ready for sales and will identify failures / problems in your business, and together we will understand how we increase the sales volume of our store in a stable and smart way. 

Your true added value

The fact that as teens, you will complete the course with an online sales site that also generates you a regular monthly income is definitely amazing in itself.
However the real value that comes from the course is the tremendous set of skills, abilities and abilities that you acquire in it. Here are some of them:

UX / UI design

Design and build a quality, flowing and pleasant user experience on your site

digital marketing

The ability to reach your target audience and also convince them to take a certain action

Web Development

You will learn how to build a professional and impressive website, for any purpose

Customer journey

Persuasion secrets - how to get the customer to buy, and also return for another purchase

Financial management

Management of financial statements, proper financial management and consistent growth over time

Workers management

Working with professionals and external parties on demand and defining tasks

Ecommerce Online Trading

The ability to tie all of these skills into one venture, one that can generate you additional, or major, monthly income

Questions you ask us

Usually not. At first you will make sales here and there but for a start these will be small amounts. Sales on a larger scale start to come after a certain period in which you learn to optimize the business, Increase your advertising, increase your exposure and learn how to become more profitable. 

Yes and no. First - understanding the issue of how to start a business in Israel and all the significance that accompanies it is a huge bonus for the child.
These things are not taught in school. Second, a minor in Israel Might Open deals with the tax authorities, accompanied by one of his parents.
Do not worry, this is also what we talk about during the course.
In addition, before registration we will have a joint conversation with you parents and we will update you on all the meanings of such a move.
As a concluding remark, we will emphasize that there is no need to make such a move at the opening of the course except as we progress and towards reaching our first sale.
There is no pressure on the subject and we accompany the child with you from beginning to end with full guidance.

Yes. At the end of the course, the child will have an active online store with a domain, a storage server, products available for sale and the option of receiving payment on the website.

As you probably imagined, the answer is no.
This course is indeed the most practical in the world and includes hand-to-hand transport until the child's first sale is made.
However we can not guarantee that there will be any sale already during the course and this is in accordance with a great many factors that are not at all dependent on us, or even the child.
For example - suddenly Facebook and Google decided to ban the advertising of the niche of products that the child chose to promote on his site. However the chance of a sale is yes high.
In addition, we offer personal accompaniment of a meeting or two by the lecturer to look at your store and help you locate the failures or the reasons why your store does not make sales, until we reach the point where that coveted sale reaches.

Managing an online sales network is an operation that requires maturity and maturity. People are going to pay you with their real money for a product, and they expect to receive quality, fast service that meets certain standards. We believe that girls and boys in ninth grade can have the maturity required to meet such responsibilities.

Proceeds will go into one of 3 possible places.
We will not go into this here, but at the beginning of the course we have a joint conversation with you and the child on this subject and open a merchant account for him where he can receive payment.

The answer is unequivocally no. Beyond the fact that we take care of professional, matter-of-fact and uncompromising work during the course, the platforms we work with are also the ones that show zero tolerance for offensive content and operate according to a conservative and safe policy.

Glad you asked that question.
Hold on tight - we are. We pay for the child's advertising during the course. Including this, it should be noted that beyond the cost of the course, you do not add a single shekel (except for the cost of the prepaid ticket of the Israel Post that must be purchased before the course).

Good question - the answer is no.
Organic promotion is a whole Torah in itself that there is no ability to put even a fifth of it into this course.
To this end we have built a complete and separate course called the Digital Manager course.
What we can say is this: The Ecommerce course will provide your child with a sharpened and powerful toolbox to start working and selling. But those of you who will combine it with our digital course, will enjoy a powerful power multiplier that goes Multiply, triple and even quarter your results. We can not stress how much we recommend going through both at the same time. However it is stated clearly and unequivocally that even the Ecommerce course alone gives all the ability to start generating revenue from online sales.

There is a need for English but not too strong. Luckily, the platforms we work with come in Hebrew, but a small part of the plugins and processes will be in English, but don't worry - we are there and English will not really bother us.
However, it is important to clarify one thing - for those of you who are interested in selling abroad as well and not just to Israel (we assume that the benefits are clear to you) - sharpened English is required.

The answer is yes and no. At this age, it is very legitimate for a girl or boy to understand what the tax authorities are, what taxation is imposed on us by business owners and wage earners in Israel, and of course to understand how to conduct themselves financially, cash flow, income and expense statements and more. It is an integral part of the business, and of life itself.
However, as soon as they start entering sales and sales revenue, it will be your job - the parents, to enter your child's business with a "half leg" and help him in this matter.

The answer is no. The course is technical in nature, but we teach you everything ourselves and do not have to come with any background.
However - it is highly recommended to have a technical background in which you have dealt with computer applications in the past, maybe even built a simple website or tried to program a bit.
We are going to build a website, connect plugins to it, mess with servers - it is true that we do everything completely from scratch and the lecturer's entertainment, but some technical background will only help you.

The answer is no. On holidays and special occasions there are no meetings.

The course includes about 40 sessions of two hours each.

The entire course is delivered 100% online. There are no frontal encounters.
However, we hold a festive and fun graduation meeting at the company's headquarters in Pardes Hanna or in our offices in Tel Aviv, you are welcome to come and say hello and meet the whole team 😉

It is important for us to be transparent, which is why the cancellation policy is presented to you here.
The first three sessions of the course are defined as impression sessions.
That is, if you decide to cancel after 3 sessions or less, you will receive a relative refund without a cancellation fee, offsetting the relative portion of the sessions you have done so far.
If, after the first meeting, you have decided that it is not suitable for you - you will receive a full refund without questions, even for the first lesson.
If you continue to the fourth meeting onwards, there is a cancellation fee of 33% The rest of the meetings you have left.
For example, if you have 30 sessions left and you decide to separate, you will receive a refund for the remaining 20 sessions.
This is because the cyber course is a professional course, not a class.
There is a logical and chronological sequence between the sessions, and it is not possible to integrate in the middle of the year into an existing course similar to the way in which one registers for the class.
Also, the number of places in each course is limited in order to maintain a high level, fast pace and personal attitude.
In order for your child to continue to enjoy a course at the highest level, and not be affected by the fact that another child has left / retired, as is very common in activities for children, these cancellation fees are charged.

Do you understand what knowledge the child is going to acquire?

Your child is going to start a real business Without leaving the house.
He will acquire skills, tools and skills that are invaluable - exactly the things that are not taught in school today, and that it is so important to learn them at this age.
Today a girl and a boy do not have to go to a waiter, or wait for the end of 12 years of schooling, military and degree to start generating a monthly income.
Today's world makes it possible to generate a monthly income here and now.

The skills that your child will learn in the course:
Product Detection | Research Market #Promoted Promotion | Locators 
#Conduct of Suppliers | #Customer Service #Web Development #AdvertisingBusiness Advertising | #Client Psychology #Financial Conduct #Reading Financial Statements #Delegation of powers #Fundamentals of Digital Marketing #Graphic Design (Basic) | #Export work to outsourcing | # Work By Phone | #Brush Promotion Building an Online Store | # WordPress | Opening Servers #ClearingCredit | Facebook Facebook Algorithm #Conduct of the tax authorities #User Experience Design | #Social Networks | #TreatmentOrders | #Delivery management and more

And what's next?

Did you complete the course with an active and lucrative sales site? Mazel Tov!
We now invite you to purchase the tools that will make you turn your business into an unstoppable sales monster, using the following arsenal of tools:

Digital Manager Course

Have you considered being a network influencer? Or promote your parents' business online?
Digital manager is the growing profession of recent years. We will teach you the proven methods of promotion organic On the web and social media, and how to reach your target audience with honed advertising tactics.
The digital course will take your e-commerce store to the next level.

We highly recommend undergoing the digital manager training in parallel with your training as an Ecommerce seller!

Course duration: 60 hours

Sale on Shopify

Extension module for the e-commerce course.
Shopify is the world's largest sales platform, offering a huge range of ready-to-forget "install and forget" trading solutions. In this module we will study them in depth

Module scope: 14 hours

Facebook marketing

Extension module for the e-commerce course.
In this expansion module we will learn 7 different advertising strategies in the advertising platform of Facebook and Instagram, and how to accurately target our target audience

Module scope: 10 hours

Google Marketing

Extension module for the e-commerce course.
In this extension we will learn about the different types of Google campaigns, what a "customer journey" is and how to introduce ourselves to a potential customer at just the right moment.

Module scope: 10 hours

To register for the course