Digital entrepreneurship is here

Today's digital world is saturated with so many options, platforms and tools. The truth? We were confused.
But there are those who in all this confusion see exemplary order. Those individuals of virtue are endowed with the ability to set up a digital venture such as a business, traffic, or turn themselves into network influencers who generate awake surfer traffic, sales, or vigilance for a particular topic.
We invite you to learn how to become a digital influencer.

Course cost: NIS 5,400

To register for the course

You will learn how to set up a digital venture that includes a website, social networks, YouTube channel, business pages, organic promotion in a way that will give you a glorious digital presence across the web.
Not only will it be easy to find you - It will be hard to miss you.

  • Basic English
  • Basic technical skills.
    No, you do not need to know how to program. Just need to know how to operate the computer browser, save a file, install software, extract files and use common keyboard shortcuts.
  • Personal interview with the course director.
    Why? To get to know you a little 🙂 and just to make sure it's a good match, for you and us
  • The course includes 36 sessions in total over a year
  • The meetings are held once a week
  • The length of each session is 90 minutes
  • On holidays and special occasions there are no meetings
  • XNUMXth grade and up.
  • Girls and boys who are interested in learning digital marketing and interested in digital entrepreneurship
  • Home computer with internet connection and camera
  • A computer with a minimum of i3 processor, and at least 4 GB of RAM.
    How do I check my computer specifications? below Short explanatory video

Introduce a new concept - "income-producing digital asset"

What is a digital asset yielding?
This is 21st century real estate. A digital asset is any profile of a social network, business page, blog, website or YouTube channel that you run.
Every such digital asset is a potential gold mine, which with a few simple actions can turn from another simple page, into a digital asset Yield -
such a 
That generates you a steady, real monthly income that only grows with time.
And all this without investing too much time and effort in it, without having to touch it too much and without studying rocket science.

This is what you are going to build in the digital course

Study format

The course is divided into 9 phases:

We will learn about the types of digital marketing that exist today, the types of consumers and how they consume their media, products and content.
You are going to get to know different trading platforms and understand what journey the customer is going through in each of them and formulate a work plan focused around that.

Today's digital world works on content. But there is content and there is content.
Here you will learn what content your audience wants, how he likes to consume it, and we will learn how to develop it in different ways and forms without any copyright infringement.

How to use the camera we have in our pocket (the phone) correctly, from the right composition of photography, angles, conduct in different lighting conditions, some basic concepts in the world of photography, down to the small details of building a script. We will also work with some of the best known software in the market.

The sharpened weapons of the digital world - social networks.
Each comes in a different flavor and aroma color, and each has its own different rules.
In this module we will get to know the pros and cons of each social network, as well as learn about the unfamiliar secrets and skills that only a handful of advertisers in the world are aware of. This is not a cliché, you are going to be exposed to valuable knowledge that not many are aware of regarding the algorithms of any network.

In this module we will study the ecosystem of digital influencers.
How to work with them, their economic model, the mistakes that cause most influencers to fall and disappear from the map, and the things and methods you do need to do to become such including how to "steal" follow-up audiences to your competitors organically and legitimately.

You are going to dive into the Torah that some would say is the most important of the 21st century - user experience.
How to build a system (or in our case - a website) that is so fun to deal with, so simple addictive.
You know, it's no coincidence that Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube are so addictive…

The producer of your digital presence is your website - the ground on which you build your identity.
Along with all the tools we learned in the course, you are going to build a business website (or for any other purpose you want) that will look like a professional agency built it and not you.
And along with all the tools learned in the course, you are also going to learn how to promote it and instill in it a lively surfer traffic.

Who are those bloggers who make a living by simply sharing their agenda online?
Setting up a blog is more than just opening a simple web page and starting writing content on it.
Need to think about aspects of how search engines "read" the page, how I attract target audiences, I really need to get into my user's head and think what he will search on Google and even what exact words he will use when he searches there so I can jump him in the search results. And this is just the beginning.
You are going to study this book of secrets.

Gentlemen and ladies - this is where the magic happens.
In the last module of the course we will beautifully pack all the beautiful and rich digital assets we have built (your profiles, business pages, your YouTube channel, the blog you have nurtured, the site you have built, the content you have written and more) and learn how we turn them into a digital asset.A digital asset.
This is the module where we will start translating all the sharpened and sharp digital skills we have learned into passive monthly income.

What do I finish the course with?

You will end the course with a living and breathing digital enterprise, designed that is located in every corner of the web. Whether it's the business you want to build, or an idea you want to promote

Identification and analysis capabilities

You will be able to "see the matrix". Your technological awareness will expand so that you will see and recognize things you have not seen before

Rich portfolio

You will end the course with a rich and rich portfolio of different projects that illustrate your new digital capabilities

A unique set of skills

You will be marketing monsters. Anyone who wants to promote his idea online, you will know how to pull out the ideas how to do it

Prestigious graduation certificate

Our students have been accepted into prestigious majors and tracks thanks to the certificate that gives them proof of knowledge control

Questions you ask us

XNUMXth graders and up, with a desire to learn to be influencers or digital marketers!

You need to know how to pronounce letters and words and know how to read simple words correctly.

Yes, but only within the educational institutions we work for.
We are spread over several dozen schools and institutions around the country, you are welcome to call and ask if we work at your child's school.
If not, the course will be open for online registration only.

Yes. First of all you sign up. If after the first lesson you have decided that it is not appropriate then no charge is made.
And in general - the first three sessions are without obligation, so if you decide to retire after them, there is no cancellation fee.
You can read about our cancellation policy in the last question.

The people who will deliver the content to your child are lecturers with experience in the field of digital marketing. Those who actually work, make a living and earn from the field.
In addition, these are lecturers with extensive experience in training - because it is clear to us and to you, that in the end it falls on the instructor.

for sure. After completing the digital course, it's time to learn how to translate your new arsenal of tools into a regular monthly income.
How do you do this? Do it here

You will complete the course with a rich resume of jobs and projects in the digital field, a honed arsenal of skills and competencies in the field and a prestigious graduation certificate.

Yes and no. The knowledge they will acquire is knowledge that will allow them to set up a digital venture and control it from A to Z in a good way.
However, the areas taught in the course are deep and broad areas such as graphic design, digital marketing, website building, marketing writing and more.
These are areas that change frequently and learning in them is endless. So it can be said that the child came out with a honed skill set that will allow him to do almost as much as he pleases, but still have a lot more to learn.

Good question. Recall that this is not a social networking course, but a digital course, which is a different concept.
Precisely because the child is good on social networks, we will teach him to connect his existing knowledge to other points that he did not even know existed, and certainly did not think to connect to them. Any prior knowledge that the child comes with only reinforces the value he receives from the course

No. Most of the course is delivered on web platforms, so all processing and calculations are done on cloud networks.
This actually saves the need for a relatively powerful computer, since no significant processing operations are performed on the computer itself.

Minimum technical specifications for the course:
I3 processor
- Internet connection of at least 15 MB is recommended

It is important for us to be transparent, which is why the cancellation policy is presented to you here.
The first three sessions of the course are defined as impression sessions.
That is, if you decide to cancel after 3 sessions or less, you will receive a refund without any cancellation fee, offsetting the relative portion of the sessions you have done so far.
If after the first meeting you have decided that it is not suitable - you will receive a full refund without questions.
If you continue to the fourth meeting onwards, there is a cancellation fee of 33% The rest of the meetings you have left.
For example, if you have 30 sessions left and you decide to separate, you will receive a refund for the remaining 20 sessions.
This is because the cyber course is a professional course, not a class.
There is a logical and chronological sequence between the sessions, and it is not possible to integrate in the middle of the year into an existing course similar to the way in which one registers for the class.
Also, the number of places in each course is limited in order to maintain a high level, fast pace and personal attitude.
In order for your child to continue to enjoy a course that runs at the highest level, and will not be affected by another child leaving / retiring as is very common in activities for children, these cancellation fees are charged.

And what's next?

Did you finish the course? Mazel Tov!
Now, it's time to turn the knowledge you have gained into a steady monthly financial income, even if you're just a teenager!

Ecommerce Online Trading

The online commerce course goes hand in hand with the digital course and is a perfect fit for the knowledge learned in the course.
Skyscrapers is proud to present the world's first online youth sales course.
Yes, your child is going to set up a professional, branded and mobile-friendly sales site at the highest level, with real products, the possibility of receiving payment and we will even experience sponsored advertising on the Internet and run marketing campaigns. In real money

Course duration: 80 hours

Hacker-Pro course

The most advanced hacker course in Israel - now also for youth.
You read that right, the child will learn professional hacking. During the course we will experience 14 different cyber attacks, espionage tactics, locating people using digital identifiers, methods of extracting intelligence information, virus transplants and means of protection and dealing with hackers.

Course duration: 80 hours

3D programming course

How did the developers of Fortnite and Minecraft do it?
No more programming course for programming only - here we build XNUMXD applications, learn the basics of object-oriented programming and develop professional multi-player games that will be available to players from all over the world

Course duration: 64 hours

To register for the course