Learn both cyber and Python - at the same time

The Python course is the only course in the country that combines both cyber studies and Python studies - in parallel.
The course is suitable for beginners who want to learn programming or cyber.
During the course we will learn complex concepts from the worlds of cyber, networking and hacking, and program them using the Python language.

Course cost: NIS 5,400

Programming course for children and youth

This is what it looks like in our class:

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You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

What skills do I acquire in the course?

In the course we will study selected topics from the world of cyber, along with studies of networks and concepts from the world of the Internet.

In addition, the trainees will learn to program in Python language from basic level, to advanced programming - programming for the operating system, use of encryption, use of API requests and more.

Who is it for?

Girls and boys in seventh grade and above who want to learn programming, cyber and the Python language.
The course is adapted to the beginner level.

The ability to pronounce letters in English and read simple words is required.
No powerful computer needed.

Study format

The course is divided into several modules with increasing difficulty levels:

At the beginning of the course we will learn the A-B of the Python language - the building blocks that make it up and we will understand in which areas on a daily basis we can use the power of Python.

  • Python against other languages
  • Roles in the high-tech and programming world
  • Change
  • תנאים
  • Loops
  • First course project

Once we have acquired the building blocks of the language, we will begin to "play" with it a little more and solve more complex problems.

  • Functions
  • Parameters
  • Local Variables VS Global Variables (Scope)
  • Propagation
  • Functions that return value VS VOID functions
  • Parsing
  • Efficient code structure
  • Memory management in Python
  • Second course project

What is cyber programming?
It is about writing code aimed at the purposes of diagnosing weaknesses, carrying out attacks and actively implementing defenses.
The Python language is fantastic for that.
At this point in the course we will begin to implement the tools we have acquired for the benefit of programming mini-projects that will accumulate into the large and first cyber project of the course.

  • File encryption
  • Hashing
  • Validation and data validation
  • Login Login
  • Connect to interfaces via API
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Cracking passwords using Python Brute Force
Medium-scale first cyber project (10 hours project)

In this advanced phase of the course we will learn the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP) and learn about more complex concepts of inheritance, polymorphism and classes.
Alongside this, we will implement our knowledge for programming interesting cyber tools and another large-scale course project.

  • Departments
  • Was allowed
  • Polymorphism
  • Global variables
  • Use of libraries
  • Override Method Override
Large course project - 14 hours long

Armed with our knowledge of object-oriented programming, we will now go back and write much more powerful code scripts

  • Antivirus and computer protection
  • Network scanning
  • Recursion
  • Building servers
  • Active protection

Python is one of the leading languages ​​in the world in use among hackers. Why?
Because of its simplicity of use. The field of scripting in Python is very developed, and it makes accessible to us the idea of ​​performing a simple task (for a good or bad purpose) through a limited but effective number of lines.
In this module we will learn about Global Hacking Scripts that can be customized and used for extensive purposes, as well as how to deal with them (if possible).

  • Kilogram programming (tool for tapping keyboards)
  • Construction of listening tools / eavesdropping on WiFi networks
  • Computer virus programming and virus transplantation
  • Computer threat scanner

In this module we give some bonus lessons to the trainees and we will teach them how Python can be used in different and varied daily tasks

  • Shortcut URLs
  • Automatically send messages on WhatsApp (live sub-tool)
  • Online voice search
  • Organizes files on your computer
  • A tool for tracking monthly expenses
And more!

What do I finish the course with?

You will end the course with a rich resume of works and projects in Python alongside a honed toolbox from the cyber world and a prestigious graduation certificate

Identification and analysis capabilities

You will be able to "see the matrix". Your technological awareness will expand so that you will see and recognize things you have not seen before

Rich portfolio

You will end the course with a portfolio of no less than 21 different projects that illustrate your new programming abilities

A unique set of skills

Know those who know "everything". On computers? Then you will become the technological geniuses of the house, with a tremendous and glorious set of skills

Prestigious graduation certificate

Our students have been accepted into prestigious majors and tracks thanks to the certificate that gives them proof of knowledge control

Questions you ask us

XNUMXth graders and up, with a desire to learn to be hackers!

You need to know how to pronounce letters and words and know how to read simple words correctly.

Yes, but only within the educational institutions we work for.
We are spread over several dozen schools and institutions around the country, you are welcome to call and ask if we work at your child's school.
If not, the course will be open for online registration only.

Yes. First of all you sign up. If after the first lesson you have decided that it is not appropriate then no charge is made.
And in general - the first three sessions are without obligation, so if you decide to retire after them, there is no cancellation fee.
You can read about our cancellation policy in the last question.

Those who will deliver the content to your child are graduates of technology units, graduates in their field or industry workers.
It is important for us that the content comes from those with experience in their field, who not only know the material, but also have practical experience with it.

for sure. At the end of the current course, an advanced course awaits them, which combines studies on the most advanced hacking platform in the world.
When we reach the bridge we will cross it 🙂

You will complete the course with a rich resume of works and projects in the cyber field, a honed arsenal of skills and abilities in the field of hacking and a prestigious graduation certificate.
In addition, these are lecturers with extensive experience in training - because it is clear to us and to you, that in the end it falls on the instructor.

No. Professional programming studies last about a year to two years, with studies of 3 times a week for 4 or 5 hours each session.
Obviously a single two-hour session once a week will not reach the same level as a course designed for an adult audience.
However, they are exporting with very solid knowledge in the fields of programming and cyber that will allow them to code for themselves entire ventures with high levels of execution.

Good question. The cyber course is a course I got married, Which means that the content taught in the course is new and unique.
As a technological college whose main target audience is technological children, we can tell you that the content taught is foreign and new to the vast majority of them.
So even if you have previous technical knowledge, and even if you have never experienced any technical project, the course starts from the beginner level and progresses at its own pace while everyone is exposed to the content for the first time and progressing at the same pace.
And of course if we (or you) identify a mismatch resulting from level differences here or there, the child can be assigned to another more or less advanced group.

No. Most of the course is delivered on web platforms, so all processing and calculations are done on cloud networks.
This actually saves the need for a relatively powerful computer, since no significant processing operations are performed on the computer itself.

Minimum technical specifications for the course:
I3 processor
- Internet connection of at least 15 MB is recommended

It is important for us to be transparent, which is why the cancellation policy is presented to you here.
The first three sessions of the course are defined as impression sessions.
That is, if you decide to cancel after 3 sessions or less, you will receive a refund without any cancellation fee, offsetting the relative portion of the sessions you have done so far.
If after the first meeting you have decided that it is not suitable - you will receive a full refund without questions.
If you continue to the fourth meeting onwards, there is a cancellation fee of 33% The rest of the meetings you have left.
For example, if you have 30 sessions left and you decide to separate, you will receive a refund for the remaining 20 sessions.
This is because the cyber course is a professional course, not a class.
There is a logical and chronological sequence between the sessions, and it is not possible to integrate in the middle of the year into an existing course similar to the way in which one registers for the class.
Also, the number of places in each course is limited in order to maintain a high level, fast pace and personal attitude.
In order for your child to continue to enjoy a course that runs at the highest level, and will not be affected by another child leaving / retiring as is very common in activities for children, these cancellation fees are charged.

For details and registration

You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

And what's next?

Did you finish the course? Mazel Tov!
Now you can take your toolbox to the next level!

Hacker-Pro course

There is no other cyber course for youth. We teach hacking. True.
Should high school and high school students be exposed to such content? The answer is yes. 
With us you will learn it responsibly in a controlled manner. Come see what you will learn

Course duration: 80 hours

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