JAVA programming course for children and youth

JAVA programming course for children and youth

Does your child also spend a lot of time on screen playing computer games?
Let's see how to make it a positive, educated and fun experience that will teach your child high-tech skills!

Learn programming in JAVA using your favorite game

For details and registration

You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

Why study programming at JAVA?

The JAVA code language is the most popular programming language in the world.
Through it we will learn the basics of object-oriented programming and it allows you to create applications and products as much as you like

What skills are acquired in the course?

During the course we will experience high-tech skills and programming. We will learn the principles of object-oriented programming (OOP), efficient design of computer applications, XNUMXD modeling, graphic design and building game worlds from the imagination, sending advanced commands on the console and building characters. 

One of the clear advantages of the course is the fact that the activity is very social and formative, since the entire course program is delivered on the same server to which all the children connect at the same time.

Who is it for?

Girls and boys in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth grades who are interested in learning professional programming in the OOP (object-oriented programming) methodology and at the same time the gaming world speaks to them and in particular the familiar game - Minecraft.
Even if you do not have previous knowledge or experience in programming or the Minecraft game, the course acquires the knowledge in both subjects.

The course is adapted for those who have no prior knowledge.

Questions you ask us

Girls and boys in fifth-tenth grades, with a desire to learn professional programming in the JAVA language

You need to know all the English letters and know how to pronounce simple words according to their letters

Yes, but only within the educational institutions we work for.
We have offices in Karkur, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, and these are our places of study 
We are spread over several dozen schools and institutions around the country, you are welcome to call and ask if we work at your child's school.
If not, the course will be open for online registration only.

This is how it works >> First of all you sign up. If after the first lesson you have decided that it is not appropriate then no charge is made.
And in general - the first three sessions are without obligation, so if you decide to retire after them, there is no cancellation fee or anything like that.
You can read about our cancellation policy in the last question.

The people who will deliver the content to your child are young instructors with extensive experience in training.
Those who on the one hand live the world of computers, gaming and programming and this is their passion and walking encyclopedias of programming and gaming, and on the other hand have extensive experience in training - most of our Minecraft instructors are those who guided youth movements, led groups and were socially active. Friendly and strong.
We chose the course instructors with tweezers, because it is clear to us that in the end it rises and falls on the instructor.
By the way, the person who teaches this Minecraft course is the YouTuber - Dor Yahav.

At the beginning of the course we send you a few things:

  • At first we will have a personal interview with the course director.
    The personal interview is intended to get to know the child / s before the activity and to make sure that the activity is indeed suitable for him or her and that the course content is not large / small on him or her.
  • Personal username and password for the Skyscraper website, from which the children access important assets that we will work with during the year
  • Login details for the class and / or the course lab
  • Digital license for the education version of Minecraft (Education Edition).
    We will also send you a detailed installation guide on how to connect to the Minecraft Education Edition
  • Small bonus:
    Have you already registered for the course? You deserve a chopper! We are sending you a gift card for a movie + family popcorn at Cinema City all over the country!
    Just like that for the good feeling 🙂

The children will finish the course with a rich and varied portfolio!
Which includes games they built themselves from scratch, game maps, characters and complex code scripts they programmed throughout the year.
In addition, at the end of the course, a beautiful and prestigious graduation certificate with the child's name will be sent to your home.

Good question.
The programming course starts from scratch. We will learn variables, loop functions and all the basic material and from there we will reach a high and advanced level of content.
However - the code we write we will integrate into a Minecraft game, and open plugins, plugins and extensions.
Therefore the code that will be opened soon will become a special development project and a game designation, which will give the trainees a broader look at how to develop for an existing system and how to interface into an existing project. Although the Minecraft game we will be working on is one that wonderfully combines those with previous experience and those who are just taking their first steps in the game and computers.
The game itself is a social game, in which level differences are not reflected - both an old player and a new player will enjoy the game in their own way - and together.
And of course if we (or you) identify a mismatch for one reason or another, the child can be assigned to another group on other issues.

No. Most of the course is delivered on web platforms, so all processing and calculations are done on cloud networks.
This actually saves the need for a relatively powerful computer, since no significant processing operations are performed on the computer itself.

Minimum technical specifications for the course:
I3 processor
- Internet connection of at least 40 MB is recommended

It is important for us to be transparent and not leave edges open, so the cancellation policy is presented to you here.
The first three sessions of the course are defined as impression sessions.
That is, if you decide to cancel after 3 sessions or less, you will receive a refund without any cancellation fee, offsetting the relative portion of the sessions you have done so far.
If after the first meeting you have decided that it is not suitable - you will receive a full refund without questions.
If you continue to the fourth meeting onwards, there is a cancellation fee of 33% The rest of the meetings you have left.
For example, if you have 30 sessions left and you decide to separate, you will receive a refund for the remaining 20 sessions.
This is because the cyber course is a professional course, not a class.
There is a logical and chronological sequence between the sessions, and it is not possible to integrate in the middle of the year into an existing course similar to the way in which one registers for the class.
Also, the number of places in each course is limited in order to maintain a high level, fast pace and personal attitude.
In order for your child to continue to enjoy a course that runs at the highest level, and will not be affected by another child leaving / retiring as is very common in activities for children, these cancellation fees are charged.

What do I finish the course with?

You will end the course with a rich resume of works and projects in the field of gaming

3D game boards

We will design and build unique game maps in different sizes and with different in-game attractions

Hundreds of lines of code

We are going to program in JAVA hundreds of unique commands that will sharpen your programming skills

Virtual characters

We will create lots of new and varied characters who each do something cool and unique of their own

New worlds

We will create a variety of new worlds from the imagination when each world has its own unique characteristics

To register for the course

This is what it looks like in our class:

For details and registration

You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

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