Cyber ​​course for children

A cyber course for children is the first step in the world of cyber and information security for children in third and sixth grades.
During the course we will challenge the trainees with cyber challenges with increasing difficulty levels, from basic knowledge of the computer, building XNUMXD games with impressive graphics to dealing with cyber exercises and information security related to account protection / hacking, wifi networks and virus building

Course cost: NIS 3,400
Cyber ​​course for children Cyber ​​class for children

Cyber ​​class for children: This is how it feels in our classroom

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Child class:

What skills do I acquire in the course?

In the cyber course for children, we will study selected topics from the world of cyber, along with studies of networks and concepts from the world of the Internet.
Among other things, we will acquire the following skills:

  1. Investigation and extraction of information on the Internet
  2. Familiarity with computer components, operating systems and various browsers
  3. Network protection against viruses, network scams and information theft
  4. Protecting our personal phones
  5. Computer and Internet productivity, along with the use of plugins and extensions
  6. Understanding the world of cyber attacks includes hands-on experience
  7. Initial programming in 3 code languages
  8. Understanding of protection mechanisms like antivirus, password authentication and encryption
  9. We will experience building websites, XNUMXD games and computer applications
    All this and more!

Who is it for?

A cyber class for children is suitable for girls and boys in grades XNUMX-XNUMX who want to learn the world of computers and cyber.
No previous knowledge in the field of computers is required.
It also requires the ability to pronounce letters in English and read simple words.
No powerful computer needed.

Please note - we maintain an age separation in our groups, so that third-fourth graders study together, and fifth-sixth graders study together in a separate group.

For children in grades XNUMX-XNUMX who feel they have solid prior knowledge and are ready for an advanced course at a high level, you can contact us and after a personal interview with the course director you can attach them toHacker-Pro course. 

With what do I end the cyber class for children?

You will complete the cyber course with a resume of more than 14 works and projects in the field of cyber, computer skills and technological skills and a prestigious diploma

Identification and analysis capabilities

Usually what happens is that the children suddenly start reprimanding their parents for their misuse of the computer. Be prepared for that!

Rich portfolio

You will end the course with a portfolio of no less than 14 different projects that illustrate your new cyber capabilities

A unique set of skills

Do you know those who know "everything" about computers? Then you will become the technological geniuses of the house, with a tremendous and glorious set of skills

Prestigious graduation certificate

Our students have been accepted into prestigious majors and tracks thanks to the certificate that gives them proof of knowledge control

  • Very basic English. You need to know how to pronounce letters and a few simple words. There is no need for the ability to read whole sentences.

  • Very basic technical skills.
    How to open a browser and Google search, how to launch a computer game and how to browse certain sites

  • The course includes 30 sessions in total over a year
  • The meetings are held once a week
  • The length of each session is 60 minutes
  • On holidays and special occasions there are no meetings
  • The meetings take place Online On the ZOOM platform
  • All course sessions are recorded and will be available to you after the lesson
  • Girls and boys in grades XNUMX-XNUMX.
    As we said, for children in grades XNUMX-XNUMX who feel they have solid prior knowledge and are ready for an advanced course at a higher level, you can contact us and after a personal interview with the course director it will be possible to attach them toHacker-Pro course. 
  • Home computer with internet connection and camera.
    Activating the camera in our courses is Required
  • Computer with vista minimum Of i3 processor, and about 4 GB of RAM.
    Windows operating system preference (versions 7 or 10)
    How do I check my computer specifications? below Short explanatory video

Study format

The cyber course for children is divided into 6 main modules:

  • Computer, network and internet basics
  • Knowledge of computer components and computer architecture
  • Communication components and their functions
  • Familiarity with the various web browsers
  • Advanced browser use
  • Initial introduction to the operating system
In the second module of the cyber course for children, we will dive into the depths of the cyber world
  • A deeper acquaintance with various operating systems and in particular the Windows system
  • User management and security permissions on the computer, memory management
  • Experience installing third-party software and computer applications
  • Computer applications are common and understood in the operating system
  • Common computer glitches and how to fix them
  • Remote takeover and remote troubleshooting
  • IP addresses and web addresses
  • Study of computer logic and primary code
  • Familiarity with different code languages
  • Building an initial website
  • Programming Basics: Variables
  • Programming Basics: Loops
  • Programming Basics: Functions
  • First code project
  • Familiarity with the game software
  • Build maps and game board
  • Character design and animation
  • Add dynamic objects
  • Add scoring and game logic
  • Implementation of a Multi Player mechanism
  • Adding additional steps and worlds
  • Detection of vulnerabilities in computer and code applications
  • Build a real computer virus (yes yes!)
  • Analysis of computer applications to find weaknesses
  • Israel's Greatest Password Cracking Tournament - 7 Password Challenges That Kids Will Have to Crack!
  • Using antivirus and virus scanning tools
  • Protocols for proper and protected conduct on the computer
  • Protection of phones and tablets
  • Web tools that will automate our entire protection process
  • A day in the life of a security expert - how do they react when attacked?
  • Extracting information from IP addresses and phone numbers (this is how you will track down a hacker who may have hacked you)

Prominent activities

Here's what your child is going to do in the cyber class for kids

Experience in 3 code languages

Experience in 3 code languages

During the activity we built applications, websites and files consisting of 3 different code languages, and in fact we will experience even more of this using different scripts from different languages

Cyber ​​Challenges

Spectacular cyber challenges

Our learning method is based on learning through play. The children are going to experience professional cyber challenges that will illustrate to them what cyber attacks are, defenses and finding weaknesses in various applications through the spectacular exercises

Building XNUMXD games

Building XNUMXD games

The children will complete the course with 3 XNUMXD games that they have developed themselves that include spectacular graphics! Games can be played from any computer in the world and do not require an internet connection

Building a computer virus

Building a computer virus

You read that right, kids will build their own real computer virus! Do not worry, nothing bad will happen to your computer 🙂 This is an activity through which the children learn about very important concepts such as installing third-party applications, compressing and extracting files and managing the memory on the computer

All this and more, your child is going to do

Crazy, no?

What it looks like with us:

For details and registration

You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

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