Computer studies for children in grades XNUMX-XNUMX

A fun and educated leisure class that connects young children to a computerized environment through a variety of interesting activities that combine the physical world and the digital world. We will get to know the computer and learn to operate it from the ground up, dig into the operating system and understand how to operate the mouse, computer and basic applications, build beautiful presentations and animations, go on a tour around the Internet and conduct cross-country quizzes on various topics in the computer world.

The department teaches computer studies at the most basic level, with each lesson focusing on a different topic.

Where do you study?

The study takes place frontally in selected schools in the country.
It is currently not possible to register for the class in a private format.
Do you want us to come to your school as well? It's easier than you think!
Contact us and we may be able to come to your school within the next month.

Who is it for?

A computer class for children adapted for girls and boys in first and second grades who want to be exposed for the first time to computer studies in a fun and educated way.
Of course there is no need for prior knowledge in the field of computers and no need for knowledge of the English language. 

What will we learn in the computer department for children?

In the computer department for children we will acquire basic computer skills and important computer skills.
Among other things, we will acquire the following skills:

  1. Using a computer keyboard, mouse, and desktop
  2. Familiarity with the operating system and its various functions
  3. The structure of the applications and folders on the computer and the day-to-day management of the computer
  4. Experience in the web browser and exposure to a variety of different browsers
  5. Computer settings and customization
  6. Searching for information on the Internet and getting acquainted with search engines
  7. Computer components and accessories
  8. Common applications and important keyboard shortcuts
  9. Familiarity with digital topics like graphic design, emails and file downloads
  10. Securing information and privacy when using a computer while being exposed to certain dangers 
The learning takes place in an experiential, fun and interesting way with instructors with knowledge and training in working with young ages.

With what will the children finish the children's computer class?

During the class we will study topics at sea and build a variety of projects

Cross-world quizzes

Build fun and cross-continental digital quizzes

Spectacular animations

Beautiful and well-designed animations are integrated into the game

research project

A project that will sharpen our online research skills

Prestigious graduation certificate

At the end of the class the children came out with a prestigious graduation certificate!

  • The computer department for children does not need special admission conditions

  • The course includes 30 sessions in total over a year
  • The meetings are held once a week
  • The length of each session is 60 minutes
  • On holidays and special occasions there are no meetings
  • The meetings take place only frontally
  • Girls and boys in grades XNUMX-XNUMX
  • Computer from the last few years (no powerful computer needed)

What it looks like with us:

For details and registration

You can fill out the form and a skyscraper representative will contact you within a few hours

Child class:

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