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Hacker-Pro Cyber ​​Course

The most advanced hacker course in Israel - now also for youth.
You read that right, the child will learn professional hacking. During the course we will experience 14 different cyber attacks, espionage tactics, locating people using digital identifiers, methods of extracting intelligence information, virus transplants and means of protection and dealing with hackers.

Course duration: 80 hours

Python programmer

The only course in Israel that combines both cyber studies and Python studies - at the same time.
What it means? This means that we learn advanced topics from the cyber world, and program them in Python. The course is adapted for those without a background in the field, at the end of which the trainees reach a high level of professionalism, both in the field of hacking and in the field of code and programming.

Course duration: 80 hours

Ecommerce Online Trading

Skyscrapers is proud to present the world's first online youth sales course.
Yes, your child is going to set up a professional, branded and mobile-friendly sales site at the highest level, with real products, the possibility of receiving payment and we will even experience sponsored advertising on the Internet and run marketing campaigns. In real money

Course duration: 80 hours

Digital Director

Have you considered being a network influencer? Or promote your parents' business online?
Digital manager is the growing profession of recent years.
We will teach you how to set up a digital venture from A to Z on social media, promote organic content and how to reach your target audience with honed marketing tactics

Course duration: 72 hours

About Us

Skyscrapers is an educational body that operates within the framework of formal and informal education in Israel.
Our vision is to fundamentally change the face of education in Israel.
The format of the old matriculation certificate no longer works unfortunately - it does not really promote the child.

Our goal is that every girl and boy in Israel will finish high school with a professional certificate.
One that really allows them to integrate into the job market at the end of their military service, and even start building business technology ventures even before their enlistment.
To this end, we have established the most basic and in-depth study of vocational studies in Israel, one that is a one-stop-shop for every girl and boy who wants to acquire a profession for the future.

Founder of the College
Mr. Ido Deutsch

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Our certifications

At the end of the course you will receive an official certificate from Skyscrapers in the profession of your choice

E-commerce Entrepreneur Certificate

For e-commerce course graduates

Cyber ​​Defense Certificate

For graduates of the Hacker-Pro course

Digital management certificate

For graduates of a digital management course / network influencers

Planner Certificate #C

For graduates of a 3D Programming course

Python programmer certificate

For graduates of the Python cyber course

Digital marketer certificate

For graduates of a digital marketing course

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Cybercrimes Is the most equal community in Israel. How do we know that?
Well, full of free content, hacking and cyber tutorials, award-winning competitions, leading YouTubers in Israel, a crazy YouTube channel, and of course full of gaming - you can not go wrong! 

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MBA Software Engineering, Technion

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MBA Software Engineering, Technion

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E-commerce entrepreneurship

How does it promote me?

Today's online world opens up possibilities and opportunities that were not available to us in the past.

Like the ability to set up an Internet venture in peak time (sometimes a few days) with ready-made "install and forget" solutions that solve complex aspects of running a business a tenth of the time - these allow us to sell products and services to potential buyers from around the globe and start generating revenue instantly.

Relevant professions

  • Manager of online stores
  • Manages marketing campaigns
  • E-commerce business consultant
  • Building sales sites

Cyber ​​shield

How does it promote me?

The cyber field is without a doubt the hottest and hottest technological field today.
Enough to look atMap of cyber attacks Daily and see the increasing number of attacks to realize the expansion of the field.
An in-depth study of cyber professions will put you at least in a great position for an interesting, up-to-date and profitable high-tech career, and you will even find yourself at the heart of an information security startup that could be the next big thing.

Relevant professions

  • Implements / protects cyber
  • Penetester permeability tester
  • Cyber ​​Researcher
  • Cyber ​​Threat Analyzer
  • Organizational Information Security Manager

Digital Director

How does it promote me?

Today every business, company and organization understands the importance of an extensive digital presence. You can even open the vacancies section and see for yourself how many jobs have been added under the digital domain.
The industry is only expanding, and the demand for knowledgeable professionals in their field is growing day by day

Relevant professions

  • Digital media manager
  • Digital Organizational Manager
  • digital marketing
  • Perry Lancer / Independent in the field

Program #C

How does it promote me?

#C (think of it as C-Sharp) is a market-leading object-oriented programming language. It is currently a programming language The fourth largest in the market And as a result you can see the job sections full of employers looking for talented #C programmers.
Thorough study of the language ensures employment in the field under pampering conditions and high wages

Relevant professions

  • #C programmer
  • Implements Microsoft MCSA / MSCE / MSCD solutions
  • NET key. ) DOTNET)
  • ASP.NET developer

Python programmer

How does it promote me?

Python is the most popular programming language in the world, and the trend will only continue in its favor. More and more applications, systems and organizations are moving to use the language and it is becoming the first and second of the XNUMXst century. Thorough study of the language ensures not only employment in luxurious conditions and excellent wages, but also the ability to become familiar with the technological field conditions that are being woven around us.

Relevant professions

  • Python programmer
  • Machine Learning
  • AI artificial intelligence
  • Advanced algorithmics

digital marketing

How does it promote me?

Digital marketing is the ability to take a digital asset (website, profile or business page) and promote it online. In practice this is the ability to generate revenue for yourself or your customers. Since the desire to make a living and make sales is probably never going to go away, digital marketing is a hot topic here to stay

Relevant professions

  • Digital reseller at the agency
  • PPC Campaign Manager
  • Sponsored promotion on social networks and search engines
  • Perry Lancer / Independent in the field